Why GMW Fire Protection?

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• 24/7 Emergency Services  
• Same-Day Service
• Reliable, Friendly Service
• Customer Service Oriented
• NFPA Members - National Fire Protection Association 
• NFSA Members- National Fire Sprinkler Association
We have been helping homeowners, businesses, schools and other organizations in Anchorage be fire ready for over 15 years. Our experienced consultants will design a state of the art fire protection system using the latest fire protection equipment that will ensure the safety of your family, your staff and your assets.
Are you fire ready?
If a fire started in your workplace, would you know what to do? Do you have a system for warning your employees and getting everyone evacuated safely? Don't leave it to chance, call GMW Fire Protection today! We're a leading supplier and installer of fire protection equipment in Anchorage, Alaska.

Our team

Our team at GMW Fire Protection consists of 25 full-timers and depending on our workload up to 40 specialists. Our trained and certified specialists will meet with you to design a fire plan that suits your building and individual needs. Next, the licensed installers will make sure your equipment is installed right the first time.
We don't leave anything to chance and will work with you to identify hazards and put in place an individual plan that will protect you in case of a fire. Trust us for reliable fire protection equipment in Anchorage. Call us today!

Products and services

The process of designing a fire safety plan and performing electrical work can be quite complex. At GMW, our team is licensed, insured and up-to-date on all of the latest safety codes and requirements. You can rest assured that your project will be completed by professionals.

• Fire Alarm Systems
• Fire Sprinkler System Installation
• Fire Sprinkler System Repair
• Sprinkler Inspections
• Fire Extinguishers
• Kitchen-Fire Suppression Systems
• Emergency & Exit Lighting
• Backflow Prevention Systems
• Fire Pumps 
There is no better way to be fire ready than to contact us for the latest in fire protection equipment. We're Anchorage's most experienced fire safety specialists. Don't take a chance with the safety of your family, employees or property. When the fire starts, it's already too late.
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