Smoke Detectors & Alarms in Alaska

As a house owner and family man it is your responsibility to protect your property and loved ones from threats and dangers. When it comes to protecting them from a fire threat, look no further than GMW Fire Protection in Anchorage, AK. We can provide you with the highest quality in residential and commercial fire alarm systems. We are a very responsible team and take our job very seriously, especially when knowing that we are protecting your home and business. We are the best in Anchorage, when it comes to installing fire alarm systems!
Trying to pick out fire alarm systems can be confusing and unnerving when you know little about the industry quality standards. At GMW Fire Protection, we have been in the fire alarm business long enough to have the experience to distinguish which fire alarm systems suits you best. We will propose a variety of options as well as show you examples of our previous work.
Our team also consists of designers who will help you design a fire detection system tailored to your home. Your new fire alarm system will be reliable, effective and in compliance with the National Fire Alarm Code, ensuring that you and your loved ones remain safe in the event of a fire.

Products and services

At GMW Fire Protection we have a variety of products and services, ranging from standard smoke detectors to complex heat sensors and EVAC systems. Our products include:
• Alarms and notification devices
• Annunciators
• Smoke and heat detectors
• Carbon monoxide detectors
• All power supplies and wiring 
We can handle all job sizes on both residential and commercial properties. Thanks you our expert staff and 15 years of experience, we can guarantee that your fire system is the safest possible.
When it comes to fire protection call GMW Fire Protection in Anchorage today. Don't waste a moment when it comes to fire safety.  Call our Anchorage, Alaska office at 907-336-5000 to learn more about our smoke alarms and smoke detectors.
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