Fire sprinkler repair services in Anchorage, AK

In the event of a fire outbreak in Anchorage, AK, you can rely on GMW Fire Protection’s fire alarm systems and fire sprinkler systems to prevent your property from being burned to the ground. Reliable alarm and sprinkling systems can save the lives of your family or/and employees. This is why regular sprinkler repair services and system maintenance are mandatory! Having you sprinklers regularly serviced is vital for their best performance.
When experiencing a problem with your sprinkler system it should not be treated as a hassle or inconvenience that you put off, but as an emergency! You need to immediately seek for professional sprinkler repair services! Contact GMW Fire Protection and we can assist you with fast, affordable and quality sprinkler repair services when and where you need them in Anchorage.

Putting your needs first

At GMW Fire Protection during our 17 years of successful operation we have been acknowledged for our commitment to outstanding customer service as well as quality products and services. We handle all jobs, small or large, with professionalism, attention to detail and solid workmanship.
Our mission is customer satisfaction. We are proud that our Anchorage customers have trusted us for over 15 years and come to us for all their fire protection needs.
The experts at GMW Fire Protection can provide you with prompt and expert sprinkler repair services and more. Call us today to schedule a consultation and request a free estimate!
We offer 24/7 emergency sprinkler repair services for the Anchorage region
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